About PBP

Paris-Brest-Paris is a 1200 kilometer (745 mile) timed randonee beginning in Paris traveling west to the Atlantic coastal town of Brest and returning along the same route. The ride must be completed in 90 hours. It was first run in 1891 and is currently held every 4 years. The 2007 PBP will be held August 20-24th. To qualify for the event riders must complete sanctioned brevets of 200, 300, 400, and 600 km in the same calendar year as the event. Brevets are are sactioned by Randonneurs USA.

Information on our brevet schedule:

The planned Brevets are
PA 200K March 31st,
Location:Quakerstown, PA
Start time: 7AM
Field limit: 50 riders (8 registered now)
Online registration at Active.com

DC 300K
Location: Middletown, VA (maps.google says 163 miles, 3 hrs 15)
Start Time: 5AM
Mail in entry form here

PA 400K May 5th
Location: Easton, PA
Start time: 5AM
Field Limit: 40 riders
Online registration at Active.com

PA 600K May 19th
Location: Quakerstown, PA
Start Time: 5AM
Field Limit: 30 riders
Online registration at Active.com


RUSA Membership

You must be a member of RUSA get your brevet results recorded for PBP qualification.

RUSA membership form: 1-year membership $20
Form available here:



Lighting Requirements:

-The DC Randonneurs have a nice page with recommendations for lighting and the current requirements.

– Also try this page from the PBP 2007 pamphlet:


the whole ball of wax


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