Been a while

4 10 2007

I’ve been slogging through real life, but will hopefully return to my fictional life as a bike racer on Saturday:  cyclocross racing in Hagerstown.  All the big boys (and girls!) will be racing in Southhampton for their chance to line up against a world champion.  I envy them that, but I think it will be enough of a stretch for me to line up against the left behind A field in Hagerstown. Still, racing the main event, will mean that I don’t have to leave the house at 5 AM, which is a big plus.

When I opened up cyclingnews this morning, I was surprised to see an article about Tejay Van Garteren signing a 2 year contract with Rabobank.  I used to ride with him when he was 14 years old in Bozeman, Montana.  Great kid, tough as nails.  He used to throw the smack down against the men’s field on the Tuesday night races (yes, we had a 22 mile race every Tuesday night, with enough people for an A and B field) riding in restricted gears.  Good Luck Tejay.  Keep your nose clean.




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