24 09 2007

Saturday morning I rolled over at 6:30 and chose not to get up and run, or do a quick cyclocross workout.  Instead I slept in until a leisurely 9:15 and had a quiet breakfast with Sophie.  At 1o I rolled quickly down to the Trips for Kids Swap which was more of a social event than a useful place to look for bargain prices swag.  At 11 Nita and I loaded up the dogs and headed out to Kirkstock.  The bands were still getting ready and we joined the staff in the Green Room, which was overflowing with baked goods.  The early talk of the day was how to make to dark without drinking too much; a conversation that we, of course, had over a round of pints of Ottp’s Double D.  Spectators trickled in all day, but never in the kinds of numbers we’d hoped for.  It was almost surely a money losing venture, but I have yet to hear the extent of the damages.  On the up side, the music was great, I ate Clem’s all day, and Sophie and Bo got to run around with one of the most varied dog packs I’ve ever seen (labs, goldens, two sculpted poodles, and a chihuahua in a tracksuit).

The highlight of the night was when 25 of PA’s finest rolled up in 10+ squad cars to respond to a complaint about guns fired.   It turned out to be a misunderstanding and after initially shutting down the PAs,  they left amicably and the music was allowed to resume.

Home at 2AM I was not planning anything too crazy for Sunday.  I was unable to rally any of the local troops for a mountain bike ride and had to be my own motivator.  At 11 I headed out for a turn around the beautiful single track of Cooper’s Gap.  The sun was out and it was a spectacular day to be in the woods.

Yesterday was also the MABRA series opener at Charm City.  In a perfect world I would have been fit enough to be there, but I still need a bit of time to get my head back into racing, though the legs are starting to come back.  Initial results are that our boy Wes threw down and managed to split up the Italian duo of Davide Frattini and Luca Damiani to take the number 2 spot on the podium.

I think I have my eyes set on the Hagerstown race to start the season off on October 6th.




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