Summer redux

19 09 2007

I don’t think it can actually be called Indian Summer until after the first frost, certainly not halfway through September.  But I’d started settling in to the idea of colder days.  I wore a sweater to work yesterday and kept it on much of the day.  And I’d started to settle into the idea of riding primarily my cyclocross bike for the next few months.  So it was with slight disappointment that I watched the mercury climb into the mid 70s today.  Last evening I headed out on the cross bike for a couple of laps in Scotia; there is a short lap, not far in from the Greenbriar trailhead that I like to do for intensity.  Its short, but mixes up the surface, from hardpack, to rocky, to sand.  Has one power climb, one dismount, and one long, flat straightaway.  I managed 4  quick laps before I started getting worried about the fading light (it gets dark in the trees quickly) and headed back into town (a flat on lap 3 didn’t help matters).  On the way home I swung by the stadium for a quick lap on the practice course and got home just at dark.

Today Sophie and I went for a quick turn in Scotia.  Just the standard 45 minute loop.  She had a hard time focusing on the trail, but I finally started to feel good on the bike.  I was able to keep my cadence high and left the trail wishing that I had more time to play.




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