24 08 2007

We finished just after 7AM this morning after riding through the night.  I have never been so tired or so sore on a bike (or anywhere for that matter!).  Everyone made it, we hit every control as a group and even managed to generate a following along the route as the “Quatre Americans”.

France hasn’t been this cold or had this much rain in 50 years.  A guy we met who has ridden 7 PBP’s (finished 6) said that this was the hardest he had seen.  Go and get a six pack of beer and I will unfold the story over the  next few days as the sensation returns to my hands and I can type.




8 responses

24 08 2007

Awesome! Way to go.
I’m looking forward to reading about the adventure.


24 08 2007
Stephen Kavanagh

Chapeaux! I can’t imagine what it was like. Terrible and wonderful. Hope your sore bits recover quickly.

24 08 2007

Way to go, Matt! Congrats to the other guys, too. Have fun in Scotland…we’ll miss you at the 100…

24 08 2007

awesome !

cant wait for the full story!

24 08 2007

nice work!

25 08 2007

Well done boys!

25 08 2007

very nice. good luck in scotland. cheer’s other three.

26 08 2007

I will drink in honor of your accomplishment. Keep em’ honest in the bar over in Scotland. You da’ man.

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