1 08 2007

90 degrees and 3 days ’til the 101. I got home with plenty of time to ride today, but just couldn’t bear to go out again in the heat.  There will be enough of that on Saturday. In years past I recall doing the speed ride and cutting off at Dry Hollow on the Wednesday before the 101, but with no speed ride to motivate me I’m taking it easy.

Officially, everyone is now in for PBP.  AccuJoe has bought his ticket, Billy found his registration lost in the mail, and I have procured a sweet two bike travel case from Kyle and Pam.  Its starting to feel real, though I have a trip to San Jose next week for a conference that I need to get through before I really start feeling like I’m heading to France.  Hopefully one more long ride next weekend to set me right ahead of the travels.

This weekend some of the best in the business will descend on the sleepy town of Coburn for the 101.  Eatough and Bishop will be working as a team for Trek (at least  for the first 90 miles), Harlan will be out to prove that his win over Chris in Michaux wasn’t a fluke, and Josh Tostado will be out riding the momentum from his win in Colorado.

The local race is looking to heat up as well.  Town is abuzz with speculation about who is going to show up on Saturday.  Chipper and Jacob are at the top of a lot of lists based on natural talent, though neither has seen much racing in the last few years. Nate, who put in a big day at the  Stoopid 50, is off most people’s radar but is riding really strong and could definitely turn in an upset.  Strauber has been attacking the climbs for the last month and is looking to redeem himself after last year’s debacle.  And Zayne Braun, a neo-local, is going to light it up on a single-speed following his big weekend in Vermont.   As for me, I never speculate on my own performance.  I could ride well, I beat a lot of guys on geared bikes last year.  This year I’m running a mellower gearing in hopes of staying more consistent throughout the race.  Last year I was running 1st singlespeed for 2/3 of the race, but got passed by several guys towards the end as I faded and they kept rolling. Of course, I’m riding for the top local and top single-speed spots. But in a field like this, I’m not going to go out too cocky.




2 responses

2 08 2007

shall we ride together to keep a good pace? yozzell will be keen on it as well. i need every advantage i can get on saturday. holey hell i’m nervous.

2 08 2007

my advice (not that you asked and giving it as a fellow competitor, be it on gears)…..

Go for the holeshot on the S&M Pike and see if it sticks.

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