Deja vu

13 07 2007

Chipper put out the call early in the day for a 3PM assault on the Magic Mo’ loop we did on Saturday.  I’d been hoping to get out on the trail and try out my new tire combination (Exiwolf in the front and NanoRaptor in the back) but was definitely willing to change my plans to have someone to ride with .  After a bunch of emailing back and forth we managed to set a rollout time for 3:30, which was of course 3:45 in reality.  We swung by and picked up Strauber on the way out and headed to Milesburg to do Saturday’s route in reverse, skipping Purdue Mountain in the name of time (and, it would have killed us).

We had a tailwind on the way out and Strauber set the tone with long fast pulls in the flats on the way out.  As I’ve said, I’ve been wanting the intensity workouts and I was not disappointed!  Up the first climb out of Milesburg Strauber and I started playing cat and mouse and I was able to capitalize on him pulling up when a 120 lb dog came charging out at us near the top.  We kept up the pace, pushing each other all the way to Rattlesnake before slowing the pace for a more leisurely climb up to the spring.  Shortly after we turned up we were joined by Nate with Brian in tow.  Nate was doing intervals all the way up the climb and I got drawn into it as he lifted the pace.  By the time I realized he was going hard only to slow down I was already committed to a hard steady climb and kept the pace up.  I managed to catch up to him just as he was finishing up across the top and we soft pedaled into the spring together as Chip, Straub and Brian caught up.  After a water break we headed across the top and Nate and Brian peeled off at the lake to head towards Phillipsburg while we headed down to Julian.

We pulled back into town at just about 7, completely worked. Hopefully I can keep up the motivation to put these efforts to work for me in Maryland on Sunday.  A closer look at the race announcement has the start at 9:45 which would mean a 5AM departure from town to get there in time to register.  I was hoping I was done with those early starts until the cross season, and even then I was going to buy an extra 2 hours of sleep by moving up to the A category.  We’ll see.  At this point I’m still thinking of going, but I could forsee an alarm clock malfunction Sunday morning depending on how the weekend plays out.




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