Better living through chemistry

8 06 2007

El Cacapon called in with a diagnosis of bronchitis yesterday that threw the brevet planning into a downward spiral.  Could we make the Massachusetts 600 next weekend? the one in Ohio in July?  Florida and Alabama (gasp) on Bastille day?

After careful consideration and consultation of a physician and a pharmacist, the decision has been made to ignore the advice of the medically trained and go anyway.  Thankfully, Phredd the Pharmacist is about as foolhardy as EC and advised that 2 days of antibiotics should be plenty to keep the nasty buggers at bay long enough to pound out a quick 600.   And this way, he’ll have two full months to recover before Paris.

If the pros can do it drugged, then so can we!




One response

10 06 2007

whoa, you guys really professional cyclists?

coz that would be really cool.
dont mind me being ignorant, it’s a bliss…

whats massachusetts 600? would that mean 600 km or miles. and the road to paris, like literally road to paris?

how you guys do that?!?!?


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