18 04 2007

This weather is getting to be a real drag.  There’s only so many gray days that I can sit around watching fixed gear videos and reliving the sunny days of the past.

I made the decision to take it easy over the three week interval between brevets, but this is a bit ridiculous. Sunday it was everything I could do to roust myself from a perpetual stupor and mount the fixed gear for an hour in the drizzling rain. While I was out Fred and Billy pulled up on their way back from walking the dogs in the woods. Looking in on them, in the warmth of their car, I seriously questioned my sanity. The only thing motivating me to ride was the coverage of Paris-Roubaix . And lets face it, watching those guys slog it out on through the toughest race on the calendar after sitting on your ass all day is just not satisfying. Of course, the coverage itself proved to be less than satisfying as Versus, in its infinite wisdom, chose to show only one hour of condensed footage which made O’Grady’s magnificent break look like little more than a last minute attack and barely showed the drama of Boonen’s solo chase from the peleton (though words from Roger Hammond today suggest that his solo effort was more the fault of his own ego than he let on after the race).

Work and the lingering weather are going to keep me off the bike this week. I have high hopes of a night ride in the coming days, but that my turn out to be a bit ambitious. Last night was my last chance to sneak something in and I decided to kill two birds by taking Sophie out on the mountain bike. We headed up to the Gap and I got my first chance to test out the new bike on real rocks. It rode well, but there are a few geometry changes that I’ll have to get used to. The low bottom bracket makes it nice and maneuverable through the turns, but I found myself bottoming out the pedals in the rocks, so I’ll have to get used to my new limits and think a bit more about my lines and foot position. At the top of the Gap we headed up Laurel Run Rd and down Little Shingletown to Sand Spring Trail, down the descent and back up the other side of Laurel Run. From there, up the firetower road to Old Laurel Run Trail and down the rocky sidehill before heading back up Laurel Run and back down the Gap to the car, basically a shorter variant of the Three Gaps ride.

It was good to be on the trail, and better to get out with the knowledge of 3 days of sitting coming up. The weather is looking to warm up for the weekend though. I won’t be on the shop ride on Saturday, but I’m entertaining thoughts of Renovo on Sunday.




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19 04 2007

Matt, Let me know about Sunday. I will out of town on Saturday, but I would come back early on Sunday for a ride.

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