Manic Monday

3 04 2007

I awoke to rain falling on the skylight yesterday morning and rolled back over in bed.  There was to be no recovery ride.  My legs were a bit disappointed about that as it would have felt good to spin out the lactic acid from Saturday’s roller-fest.  But the rest of me appreciated the extra sleep and my taint appreciated the time off the saddle.   New saddle by the next brevet!  The one I ran this week was way too wide and squishy.

I calculated the mileage for March: 726 miles on the road bike, 81 on the fixie, 6 hours on the trail.  I did 1 hour on the rollers, but I refuse to count that since I feel like less of a man for having to ride rollers in March.

Today the sun was back out and the temperatures climbed into the 70’s .  Looking ahead in the week, there was strong pressure to capitalize on the warmth as there are forecasts of snow by week’s end, and the weekend itself looks vaguely miserable.   The long term outlook has next week looking nice, but 30’s on Saturday?!? I’d hoped we could move past that kind of weather in April.

I had designs of 2+ hours today, but work had other plans and I made it out of the house just after 5.  Riding past the big clock at the Jordan Center I saw 5:16 and decided that it was a bit too risky to try and get up to Black Mo’ and back before sunset so I opted for a poor man’s  motor pacing workout on the Upper Lime loop.  The wind was blowing a stiff 20 knots from the west, so I headed out to Bellefonte on Seibert road, pushing hard efforts on the straights with the wind and resting on the cross-wind turns.  Up through Coleville and Purdue Mountain Road I did standing sprint intervals up the ramps and rested when the grade leveled out.  Lets face it, intervals suck, but I’m hoping to use this three week break in brevets to focus on building up a bit of power for the handful of races I may try this summer.  With the racing season approaching I have already wasted a few hours looking longingly over the calendar and lamenting some of the events that I’ll be forced to miss because of PBP.

On the way back through town I stopped off at the shop for a recovery beverage and a viewing of the new bike.  Its fully built and needs only a few new adjustments, with luck she will see her maiden voyage tomorrow afternoon and I will finally provide the promised pictures.




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