28 03 2007

With thunderstorms dotting the radar all around State College, Billy, Jacob and I headed out at 5:30 with hopes of staying dry.  Billy and I rode the fixies and Jacob made his return to outdoor riding on a geared bike as we headed through town and out the Lower Lime loop.  A stiff tailwind all the way out to Bellefonte had Billy and I spinning at full tilt for the first half of the ride, but the rollers on Valley View Rd let our legs relax at a more human pace.  A huge grey cloud loomed over the west of town as we rolled back into town, but the rain held off and I pulled into the driveway dry.

I spent lunch communing with the new IF at the shop.  It looks beautiful!  Because of the threat of rain I’d not brought my camera down, but pictures will be coming soon.  Its mostly built, save brakes, saddle, and a new bottom bracket (the first one was just a stop gap measure).  A Reba Race fork with pop-loc is now gracing the front end and Avid Juicy 7’s will provide stopping power.  Seatpost and stem by Thompson, drivetrain by White Industries, Salsa Delgado rims and promoto flat bar.




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