Day 4: recovery

13 03 2007

The mercury hit 58 degrees today and the roads were dry. A perfect day to blow off work and ride for hours. Perfect, that is, if your ass isn’t chaffed from +200 miles in the saddle. I managed what I could and got in 35 of recovery spin on the lower lime loop.

I also managed to discover what may be the demise of my professional career. is a website that allows you to log ride routes and provides distances and profiles. Of course, the novelty may wear off soon, but for now, I’ve managed to log the last few weekend rides. The distances don’t quite match up with the local knowledge, but when have computers known more than locals? But if the profiles are to be believed, they explain why Saturday felt like 100 miles.

Cowboy Bar:


RB Winter:





One response

13 03 2007

Routeslip was like crack to me for a while but thankfully I kicked it. I was tracking my commutes even. The more points you enter the more accurate the elevation and distance but also the slower to load.

Looks like you got some good rides in though.

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