Day 2: Waffles to Williamsburg

11 03 2007

img_0105.jpg After 3 days of illness, it was a bit touch and go when the alarm went off at 7. But ultimately the effort was rewarded with waffle breakfast at the shop and a great ride. The morning started off with family waffle time a the shop. Frank and Cathy were manning the irons and Harry had brought a platter of fresh scones. Not only did we have the spandex clad minions filling their faces with syrup soaked goodness, we also had the extended family with Eoinn, Will, and Drew tearing up the sales floor as well.

Out the door a little after 9, we had 13 at the start, which quickly dropped to 10 as the ladies chose to do Alexandria at their own pace. Up and over the climb at Pine Grove, we headed down Stoneimg_0109.jpg Valley and through Petersburg to the Williamsburg climb at the halfway point. The climb put the hurt on as Strauber and I were feeling a bit spunky and took it at pace. After regrouping at the summit, we headed down one of the nicest descents in central PA. The gravely hairpins proved a bit too much for some and Eric slid out into the shoulder half way down. Undeterred, he managed to shake it off and caught back up with the group in the flats on the roll into Williamsburg.

At the Unimart in Williamsburg we stopped to refuel and supplemented the usual diet of Riceimg_0118.jpg Krispy treats and Gatorade with a box of Samoas from the girlscouts in the parking lot. Back on the road, we began the trail back home into the rolling farm roads of Sinking Valley. Strauber was the only one to chose the traditional dirt road route into Waterstreet and the rest of us took the paved option hoping to avoid the mud. We managed to get ahead of him on the faster pavement and took the opportunityimg_0120.jpg for a little rest as we waited for him to catch up.

We climbed up out of Spruce Creek, out the camp road and up Dry Hollow Road to Marengo before finally looking at the ride mileage. There was a fair bit of disappointment that we’d only logged 70 miles and were feeling pretty close to home. The Williamsburg ride has always counted on the Spring classics calendar despite only being 85 miles due to the climbs and generally debilitating rollers, but we had egos to maintain and we were going to get ourselves to 100. So, for the second weekend in a row, we rolled past the turn back to town and headed out past the airport to Rock Road to get the extra miles in. As we turned back towards town we resolved ourselves that we’d only log 90 on the day but it was starting to rain and staying dry sounded better than finishing off 100 doing laps around town in the rain.

We finished off the night celebrating Strauber and Wes’s birthdays, though the evening was decidedly less raucous than normal as everyone was looking forward to another big day tomorrow.




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