mea culpa

28 02 2007

It was a struggle to get going today. I’ve been fighting off a cold since Sunday and I felt as though I could have fallen over on my commute in to work yesterday. Today was a struggle, but a big bowl of goodness loaded with hot sauce at the Big Bowl Noodle house for lunch held the pestilence at bay long enough for me to suit up and head out on the fixie around 5. The legs were not 100% so this ride was more about mental base miles than physical and I limped around my standard short loop around town.

The real downside to that choice, at that hour, was that the roads were full of drivers in really big cars heading home. Rt 45 was particularly bad and one driver saw fit to lean on his horn a little as he leaned his black Ford Expedition into the shoulder to remind me of his dominance on the road. Rolling back into town I hit the red light in Lemont and signaled a left onto Branch Rd. Across the intersection was another black SUV that pulled straight across the intersection when the light turned green. Incensed at this egregious flaunting of right of way, I flipped the driver the bird and uttered some unkind words. Just as we passed each other and I looked in the window at the suburban mother in the driver’s seat, I realized that I was entirely in the wrong. She had the right of way, I was the asshole, I had overreacted. One too many close calls on the ride had left me so bitter that I’d felt entitled to an exemption from the rules of the road. I guess that is how road rage happens. Since I had no hope of chasing her down to offer an apology, I guess all I can do is offer it here.

Sorry, M’am. Won’t happen again.

March is upon us and looks to be a grizzly start. Temperatures are going to be fluctuating around 40 with threats of rain or snow nearly every day. It looks like each ride for the next few weeks will be a roll of the dice. I’m still planning a big weekend for the 9-12th, hopefully the weather will hold out.

The first brevet is scheduled for March 31st, we’re all registered and crossing our fingers that March will indeed go out like a lamb.




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