8 02 2007

The real world kept me at work until I had no choice but to retreat to the rollers.  Netflix had seen fit to deliver two movies to my door and a quick look at the titles and the choice was obvious: Spun.  This provided 1 hour and 45 minutes of distraction that would otherwise have been spent staring at the wall.  Not high cinema, but a pretty convincing statement against methamphetamine. So I guess there goes my doping plan for the coming year.  I guess I’ll stick to the my standard regimen, endorsed by PA’s finest.

Admittedly, 16 degrees at 4PM wasn’t hurrying me to ride outdoors, but the weatherman  says we should be heading into the mid to upper 20’s over the next few days so hopefully the fixie will see more use than the trip to the office and back.




2 responses

8 02 2007

M… you need to work on your linking follow through. It’s funny how after 0, 14 feels so much more bearable.

8 02 2007

I noticed you added a 300K Brevet on 4/21, that is one weekend I cannot make.

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