Hard Man Mile.

6 02 2007


img_0061.jpgI said it was cold yesterday, but that weren’t nuthin. Today was cold. How cold? This will give you an idea. It ain’t much, but these were the conditions for my morning commute, and at 3 degrees, I think I can apply a significant multiplier to the ride counter for my 10 minute trip to work! Again, I was feeling manly until I saw that Chris from Reading put in 50 minutes into a headwind to get to work. Did I hear a gauntlet hitting the floor? Bless that nutjob for keeping me honest.

Monday is typically my day off the bike, and a day to catch up on work.  So that’s why I didn’t go out for a ride today, really, it had nothing to do with the weather.  Honest.

And for those of you looking for a little bike porn to keep you going through the winter, check out the pretty lugs over at Moyer cycles.




One response

6 02 2007

It wasn’t bad but certainly wasn’t good. The combination of headwind and cold was messing with my head in a bad way, kinda like bonking but still having legs. More mental than physical. Didn’t ride today, wife wasn’t too pleased with yesterdays ride either. I’ll need to tone in down in bad weather to keep the peace at home.


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