2 02 2007

sophie_snowIs it playing hookey if you don’t have a set work schedule? Either way, Sophie and I took 2 hours off mid-day to spin around Scotia on the single-speed. I didn’t look like anyone had been out there since the last snow and I we had fresh tracks the whole time. The snow wasn’t ideal, a bit crunchy from the freezing and thawing which provided for a lot of rolling resistance. But the woods were empty of traffic and Sophie and I got to spend some quality time sliding around in the corners.

Looking at some other of these bike junky web sites, I like the monthly ride summaries that some are providing. I had planned on keeping a running total, but wasn’t nearly as regimented as I’d thought and I had to go back through the posts to get an estimate of the time in the saddle. I don’t have a computer on any of my bikes, so this is going to be a pretty rough estimate, but the tally looks something like this: 65 miles on the road bike, 260 miles on the fixie, 120 miles on the cross bike, 6 hours on the mountain bike, and 4 hours on the rollers. I was feeling pretty good about myself until I compared to some of the others I’ve seen. This guy in Reading logged more miles just commuting! Admittedly, I didn’t keep track of my commuting miles, but I only live 2 miles from my office, so it hardly counts.

Looking forward to the spring brevets, the PA Randanneurs have their first 3 brevets scheduled. The goal is to do this series so long as work allows.




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2 02 2007

Thanks for the plug! I was thinking about the PA brevets too. Might hit the 200k if nothing else is going. I’m working on building a solid base of miles and lack of sleep for Trans Iowa in the end of April. Might check out some of the MASS series too to try my hand at racing.


2 02 2007

Hey I’m up for rides anytime, if you have interest in helping get me back into shape.

3 02 2007

MF..check out this website for mens worlds cross race and others from 2006-7 season


looking forward to seeing your new 29’er build up..
you will be rocking !

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