sweeping up

31 01 2007

The American’s swept the silver’s at cyclocross worlds this past weekend. Alas, coverage has been spotty and I’ve only seen a handful of short clips on the web. But Kerri and the IFchicks were there in person and should have updates on the blog soon!

Another Tuesday, another hour spent riding in place. The realities of winter’s arrival are sinking in. Today we were treated to a series of squalls that teased us with more snow that they could deliver. Rumors are that snow is accumulating up at Black Mo for skiing this weekend, but until then even the morning commute can be counted as ride time.

Tonight Sophie and I made it out for a quick run before heading to the shop to relive the glory of Frank Schleck’s win at the Amstel Gold last spring and do one legged intervals on the rollers. Temperatures are looking to climb into the balmy upper 20’s for the next few days, so perhaps I won’t be kept indoors for much longer.

Looking to the summer Single Speed World’s is only a week after PBP! So I’m hatching a new plan to travel from Paris to Scotland, by way of Cambridge to join Dr. John and the Telly Savalas Players Club for two days romping through the heather and drinking the aged scotch that the weak among us find unpalatable (for a more academic treatment of the subject see my favorite issue of Applied Statistics). The beauty of this plan, is that I have work colleagues in Paris, Cambridge, and Edinburgh so I can claim the whole trip as a work! Of course it will be a stretch to get a grant to fund all of this tom foolery, but at least it will be easy to tell the boss I’ll be AWOL for a few weeks. Here’s to blurring the lines between business and pleasure.




3 responses

31 01 2007

Can you get away with expensing the scotch?

31 01 2007

I work with enough Limey’s here that I might be able to finance the whole affair by packing my bike box full of the golden nectar and selling it off upon my return!

1 02 2007

your PBP to scotland plan sounds great …

the cross races last weekend were supposedly on cycling.tv (subscription required). Next year maybe the coverage for US will be better since americans are getting better at this cross stuff !

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