15 01 2007

The patter of rain on my window this morning brought the welcome news that I would not be getting out of bed early to ride. This gave me time to finally look at the stats for this blog.  I’d generally assumed that this was an exercise in futility, but I was surprised to see 250 hits in the last 2 weeks! Hopefully I can make this thing interesting . . . or at least informative.

After a few quiet hours of work at home, I finally rallied to get on the fixie around 2. I’d been watching the radar for a few hours and it looked like a break in the rain was coming. But at 2 it picked up again and I called Billy to delay for a bit. I headed over to his place at 3:30 during what the radar indicated might be a significant gap in precipitation. Alas, the rain came back 20 minutes into a casual spin around town and we spent the better part of the next hour getting progressively wetter and colder. By Boalsburg the tights were soaked, by Houserville the gloves were sodden. The last few miles back into town as the sun faded were appropriately miserable. The kind of miserable that feels so good. The kind of miserable that you know will pay big dividends when the weather gets warmer.

Rolling back through campus we saw the end of our quiet small town. Over the next 24 hours town will swell by some 25000 undergrads, streets will be more crowded, bars louder and smokier . . . all the more reason to spend time in the quiet solitude of the saddle.




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